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Who we serve

“If there were no trust, then no one would take risks. No risks would mean no exploration, no experimentation and no advancement of the society as a whole.” Sinek, Simon.

Empower people to trust their risk decisions

OSIS: A Credit Risk Boutique for Lending Institutions

OSIS is a credit risk boutique founded in 2010. Our clients are banks, Fintech companies, asset managers, pension funds and insurance companies active in lending. We help them to make good credit decisions, competently value and actively manage portfolios independently, and confidently comply with regulations in an easy and cost-efficient manner.

We offer software solutions, training and advice

We have access to the best data in the market and we uniquely combine relevant domain knowledge in lending, regulations (e.g. Basel, Solvency II, IFRS 9/CECL and CCAR and EBA stress testing), credit portfolio management, loan trading, data pooling and securitization. We put the risk taker in the centre and the heavy data lifting and complex self-learning models in the background. Our credit risk automation solutions are designed to let the data talk thereby avoiding expert bias. We support data validation, analysis, modelling, and reporting on credit portfolios and visualise the outputs for more accurate and more intuitive insight to make better credit decisions focusing on key risk drivers.

Our partners are consultancy firms, software companies, data providers and universities. 

Data Management

Credit Modelling

Regulatory Reporting


Transaction Management

Performance Measurement & Valuation

Ready to take control of your credit risk management?

OSIS is here to help. Our software solutions, training, and advice can help you make better credit decisions, manage portfolios more effectively, and comply with regulations with ease. Contact us today to learn how we can help you optimize your credit risk management strategy and achieve your business goals. Let’s work together to unlock your potential and drive your success.