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Solutions and Services

Data management

From its incorporation, OSIS has been very active in providing data management solutions to financial institutions. Structured data is an important cornerstone for all analysis and statistical modelling for any lender or investor in loans.

Performance measurement & valuation

When providing a loan, it is important that a loan is well priced. This means the internal costs, the expected losses, and capital costs during the expected term of the loan are carefully considered and pricing is competitive.

Regulatory reporting

In the financial sector – partly prompted by the financial crisis – we see an increasing amount of standardised reporting required by supervisors in the financial sector. The banking sector is leading these changes with important contributions being made by the EBA, ECB and ESMA within the EU, and by the FED, in particular, in the United States.

Portfolio and Transaction Management

Lenders and investors, as well as lenders between themselves, have different objectives, different cost structures, different perceptions of risk and are regulated differently. Furthermore, these differences can also change over time. This means the value of the same loan or portfolio of loans will differ now or in the future amongst market participants.

Credit modelling

Credit analysts have difficulties learning from their experiences. This is because the feedback loop between granting the loan and the default of a loan can be a number of years.