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Portfolio and transaction management - OSIS

OSIS offers portfolio and transaction management solutions to help banks, Fintech companies, asset managers, pension funds, and insurance companies manage their portfolios effectively and make informed investment decisions. Our solutions include powerful tools for portfolio management, expert guidance on investment strategies, and training to help you develop the expertise needed to manage your portfolios effectively.

Portfolio and transaction management

Lenders and investors, as well as lenders between themselves, have different objectives, different cost structures, different perceptions of risk and are regulated differently. Furthermore, these differences can also change over time. This means the value of the same loan or portfolio of loans will differ now or in the future amongst market participants. An interesting example is the introduction of Basel 4, whereby Dutch banks will have to hold 3 times as much capital for the same mortgage loan. That means that the value of a mortgage loan will drop from the perspective of the bank and therefore a Dutch bank is going to accept a lower price in a sales transaction. It is interesting for market participants to understand these value differences and become, “willing buyers and willing sellers”, which is the foundation of a well-functioning market economy.

We believe the starting point for a bank, as an example, is to arrive at an internal valuation based on, for example, the regulated bank balance sheet under changing macro and regulation scenarios. Is a loan still a match for the portfolio and how does the internal value relate to the market valuation or the valuation from the perspective of an insurer or a pension fund?

We can assist both lenders and loan investors in such transactions, including complex securitisations. We offer off-the-shelf tooling with which we can perform numerous complex valuations in many different scenarios.